Affixing Toyota Emblems and Badges

Collision Pros Magazine 2019 | ISSUE 2

Affixing Toyota Emblems and Badges

Getting it Right the First Time.

Just like a crooked picture on a wall, an improperly applied or misplaced emblem is distracting and an obvious sign of a poor repair. Your customers count on you to repair their vehicle to “as-new” condition, and part of that may include the proper placement of new emblems and badges. This information is available on Toyota’s Technical Information System(TIS) in the Repair Manuals tab, or in Toyota’s service manual.

The following suggestions will help you properly install new emblems and badges on your customers’ vehicles:


  • Start with a clean surface.
    • Best practice: Use a heat light to heat the surface before cleaning.
    • Remove any remaining double-sided tape left behind by the old emblem or badge.
    • Use cleaning fluid to remove any remaining tape adhesive.
  • Use a heat light to warm the surface where you’re installing the new emblem.
    • Be careful not to excessively heat the surface.
  • Remove the release paper from the back of the new emblem or badge.
    • Best practice: After you remove the release paper, be careful to keep the exposed adhesive free of dirt or any other foreign objects.
  • If there are mounting pins, engage the pins and then firmly install the emblem or badge.
  • If there are no mounting pins, refer to TIS or the service manual for the proper placement of the emblem or badge you’re installing.
    • The manual contains precise measurements for the correct emblem and badge placement.
      • On models with multiple trim levels, the installation location can vary based on the size of the emblem or badge. To borrow a phrase from woodworking, measure twice, install once.
      • Using a level each time will ensure the emblem or badge is straight.

Emblem and badge placement information is available for most new Toyota models. Often, this is the last step in the repair process. Take care to get it right the first time—your customers will appreciate your attention to detail!

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