Ordering a Replacement Certification Label

Collision Pros Magazine 2018 | ISSUE 3

Ordering a Replacement Certification Label

Today, we’re always using our ID, whether it’s a driver’s license, social security number or Apple® ID. In the automotive world, U.S. vehicles have been identified by their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) since 1954, and in 1981, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standardized the format and required that all vehicles sold would have a 17-character VIN, which is attached to the dashboard. It also appears on the Certification Label, which is placed on the driver’s side B-pillar or on the driver’s door jamb.

But what happens when the vehicle is in an accident and the label is damaged or removed when you replace the B-pillar or the driver’s side front door? Or, what do you do in cases where the car has been stolen and thieves have removed the Certification Label from a “clean” vehicle and placed it on a stolen one? To maintain the integrity of Toyota vehicles, Toyota Motor North America has a simple solution for obtaining replacement Certification Labels directly from Toyota. Just follow the steps below to get a replacement. 

Certification Label

  • Return the original Certification Label, if possible, as well as a clear picture of the VIN from another location on the vehicle (like on the dashboard).
  • If the Certification Label was stolen, then the vehicle must be inspected by a Toyota Field Technical Specialist and the request must be accompanied by a police report as well as pictures of the VIN on the following: 
    • Frame/body stamp, anti-theft labels, and Techstream Health Check.
  • To request a replacement label, complete the applicable form attached to TSB-0304-17 and mail it to the address provided on the form. Your dealer’s parts account will then be billed $60 for each replacement label.
  • You will usually have to supply photos with the form; be sure to take clear images so the VIN is easy to read.

Please note that all replacement labels for damaged vehicles are subject to approval by Toyota Technical Compliance. So, the next time you have to remove and replace a B-pillar, follow these procedures so the Certification Label is ready to install after the collision repairs are complete and before your customer takes delivery.

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