Easing the Stress of Parts Procurement and Delivery

Sourcing automotive repair parts can be a challenge in today’s environment. To ease these potential frustrations, Toyota has implemented innovative processes and technologies to help expedite parts delivery. Your Toyota dealer has solutions in place to deliver the right Toyota Genuine Parts when you need them, which helps you reduce cycle times and meet customers’ expectations. Parts distribution begins with your order, and here is how Toyota keeps the parts journey seamless.

Toyota dealers have access to solutions to help them deliver the right Toyota Genuine Parts when you need them. It’s part of our value chain promise. Our constant focus on process improvement provides faster fill and deliver rates to our Dealers than traditional distribution methods. Toyota Motor North America’s continuous dedication to logistics excellence enables Toyota Dealership Parts Managers and Parts Teams to be your most reliable and trusted choice for Toyota Genuine Parts.

Steve Brodie
TMNA, Senior Analyst, Wholesale & Retention Parts

Toyota’s Parts Distribution Journey

Toyota dedicates considerable resources to ensure that its dealers quickly receive the parts they need. Every day, Toyota logistics experts look for ways to refine global parts distribution processes. It is their goal to ensure that its dealers quickly receive the parts they need when they need them.

Toyota transports parts increasingly by air rather than truck, ship, or rail, allowing inventory to be quickly redistributed to meet the dynamic demands from Toyota National Parts Centers and Regional Distribution Centers. This method of inventory movement allows Toyota to constantly move inventory to where it’s immediately needed so dealership and IRF customers are not kept waiting for parts.

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From Parts Distribution Center to Your Shop

Toyota dealers are set up to receive their parts orders 24/7. With unattended delivery in place, dealer parts orders (placed by 5 PM) are ready and waiting at the dealership when they open the next morning.1  The next step is to get that part to your shop.

Recent enhancements in parts procurement technologies, such as RepairLink® and CollisionLink® from OEC or OPS Trax® from Overall Parts Solutions (OPS), have helped make the ordering parts easier for Independent Repair Facilities nationwide. To ensure timely delivery of those parts, Toyota dealers have partnered with technology providers to offer expedited delivery solutions.

On-Demand Parts Delivery Puts the “Possible” in ASAP!

One new expedited delivery solution is OEC’s DeliverNowsm, a new on-demand delivery feature that integrates seamlessly into RepairLink. DeliverNow connects service repair shops and dealerships with the largest established delivery fleet of crowd-sourced and insured vehicles in the U.S.

If our driver is already out on rounds, RepairLink’s DeliverNow feature allows us to expedite delivery to other wholesale customers who need a part immediately. Our IRF customers are focused on cycle times and customer satisfaction—DeliverNow helps them excel at both.”

Jack Chambers
Parts Director
Toyota of Santa Fe, NM

DeliverNow is a cost-effective way to make sure you get the right Toyota Genuine Parts delivered on the same day2, giving you hot-shot delivery service directly from your Toyota dealer. This easy-to-use delivery option is built into your RepairLink parts ordering system and supplements your Toyota dealer’s ability to get parts to you faster.

When you need a part now, simply place your Toyota Genuine Parts order through RepairLink and select “ASAP Delivery” in the delivery preference menu. The part is then flagged ASAP and the delivery call is made as order is processed. Your parts will be delivered as fast, or faster than your aftermarket suppliers’ orders.

Track Your Delivery Every Step of the Way

Parts delivery time is often an unknown when managing your shop and your customers’ expectations. DeliverNow removes the mystery with real time delivery tracking. Click on “Track My Orders” and monitor the exact location and ETA of the part. Now you can more accurately manage customer expectations of when their Toyota will be ready for pick up.

You know that you can rely on Toyota Genuine Parts for superior quality, reliability and fit at prices that are competitive with the aftermarket. You can also depend on your Toyota dealer to deliver those parts to your shop quickly, helping you exceed your customers’ expectations and reduce cycle times. Partner with your Toyota dealer for exceptional quality, value, and fast delivery—the Toyota team is behind that part through every step of its journey to your door!

Disclaimer & Footnotes

[1] Delivery time may vary in more rural areas, depending upon distance from Parts Distribution Center.

[2]  DeliverNow same day delivery service applies to delivery from Toyota dealership to the independent repair facility and does not include time from PDC to Toyota dealership; DeliverNow is available to over 90% of dealer locations currently using an OEC solution, not a Toyota policy.

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